Does Target Price Match Amazon In 2022? ❤️

If you’re wondering whether Does Target Price Match Amazon, you’ve come to the right place. This article will explain everything you need to know about Target Price Match Amazon.

Target is known for having low prices and good deals, which makes it a popular place to shop for many people.

Target is a huge American store that sells a wide range of goods, such as clothes, home goods, electronics, and more.

Target price matching policy whereby they will match the price of an identical item being sold on Amazon.

In the past few years, Target has also added more exclusive and designer brands to its products and made its grocery selection bigger.

Target’s main office is in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the company has more than 1,800 stores all over the U.S.

Our team confirmed this information with a Target Price Match Amazon corporate representative and associates at multiple stores.

Does Target Price Match Amazon?


Target’s policy on price matching is pretty simple: if you find an item on for less, Target will match that price.

The price match is available both in-store and on, and there are only a few things you need to know. First, the brand, model, size, weight, colour, and number of each item must be the same.

Second, you have to show proof that has a lower price (Target will not accept competitor ads or printouts).

Lastly, Target has the right to check the item’s price and availability before matching it. If you meet all of these conditions, getting Target to match Amazon’s prices shouldn’t be hard.

Is there a Target price match discount on Amazon?

Target’s policy says that they won’t match the price of an item on Amazon if it is on clearance, closeout, liquidation, a certain percent off, or a dollar off.

Also, you can’t price match deals like “buy one, get one free,” “bundle,” or “multi-buy,” nor can you use Amazon coupons, Amazon Prime deals, or promotion codes.

Even though Target won’t match the price on these items, you can still save 5% on your purchase with a Target REDcard.

You can sign up for a REDcard in-store or online if you don’t already have one. There are also sales and deals at Target that are worth looking into.

For example, if you use order pickup, you can save $5 on a $50 purchase. Even though Target won’t match the prices of Amazon’s sales, there are still many ways to save at the store.

Does Target Price Match Any Other Online Stores?

Target is in competition with a lot of stores, and to stay in business online, they have to match the prices of other online stores.

Amazon is a big rival, but Target will match the prices of many online stores, even its own.

Target will also price match items from the following online stores:


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Does Target Price Match All Items On Amazon?

Except for a few things, Target will match the price of anything sold and shipped by Amazon. But you have to make sure that both and have the item in stock.

Target won’t match prices on the following products and deals:

  • Items sold by Amazon sellers or Target Plus Partners who are not Amazon
  • Things that have alcohol in them or are made from alcohol
  • Shipping, fees, and Amazon Prime deals (including Prime Day deals)
  • Deals only available on Amazon Fresh
  • Used items like tablets, laptops, cell phones, or game consoles that have been fixed up.
  • Price matching will not be done on items that have been broken or opened.

Will Target Price Match An Item I Have Already Purchased?


Target will match the price of an item you’ve already bought if you find it for less on within 14 days of buying it.

But keep in mind that you can’t match prices on deals that are no longer valid. For the cashier to change the price, you must bring the original receipt or the packing slip.

How Do You Price Match Amazon At Target?

If you are shopping online at and find that the same item is cheaper at, you can call 1-800-591-3869 and ask Target to match the price.

Before you put in your request, you must make sure that the matching items are exactly the same in brand, model, colour, weight, and number.

Once you’ve found a product that qualifies, a Target employee will check the prices on If the above information is correct, the employee will then lower the price of the item for you.

You can also get a price match if the same thing you bought in a store is cheaper on

Note that you have to show a Target employee proof of the lower price by giving them the link to the product listing.

Target won’t accept screenshots, photocopies, or parts of pages as proof for in-store price matches. Instead, they want to see a live view of the listing.

If your request to match the price is approved, a Target employee will change the price you pay when you check out!

But customers should know that Target’s policy with doesn’t apply to people who live in Hawaii or Alaska, so they can’t ask for a price match.

How To Price Match At Target When Shopping In The Store

When you’re shopping in a store and find a better price online or know of a better price at a nearby store, you can price match and have the price changed before you buy.

  • You will need to make sure that the product you find is the same type and colour and that it is in stock.
  • If you want to match an ad from a competitor, you’ll need to have that ad with you.
  • If you want to match the price of an online store like Amazon, you will need to have the product pulled up on your phone and ready to show as proof at the checkout.
  • The price will be changed for you by the cashier.
  • If the price has changed after you buy the product, you have 14 days to show the customer service desk an ad from a competitor or a website with the lower-priced product.


Target wants to offer the lowest prices possible, and that means matching the prices that offers.

You can ask Target to match the price of something you bought online if you can show proof of a lower price.

The request will only be granted if both online stores have the same brand, model, colour, weight, size, and number of products in stock.

There are some things that aren’t included, like items sold by either party from third-party sellers, Amazon Prime prices, and Amazon Fresh Exclusives.

But if you find the same item for less at, Target will match that price. So you can shop with confidence, knowing you’re getting the best deal.

FAQs – Does Target Price Match Amazon

Does Target price match with other companies?

If you buy a qualifying item at Target and then find the same item for less at, certain online competitors, or in a local print ad for Target or a competitor, we’ll match the price.

Does Target price match Amazon 2020?

Does Target match Amazon’s prices? Yes, both in-store and online, Target will match’s prices.

To price match an item, it has to be the same brand, model, weight, size, colour, and number of items, and you have to show proof that has a lower price.

Does Target price match Costco?

Target will match either the price in a Costco store or the price on

Price matching should be possible at any regular checkout line. Target’s policy on matching prices lets you match Costco’s prices when you shop online by calling customer service.

Why are Target items cheaper online than in store?

n other words, Target changes its prices based on the local economy. Even if you shop online, you may pay different prices depending on where your order is being sent from.

Disclaimer: Does Target Price Match Amazon above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources Like online, on-site, and/or via phone. The details may vary by its location or may not be current. To confirm current information , please contact your Amazon.

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